• 2007-2009


    • Touch Table Interface


    • Fiducial Coins


    • 12 Western Currencies


    • 12 Rogue Country Currencies



Circadian Capital is a site specific sound installation that sonifies currency exchange rate data.

Per the latest UN study more than half of the world-wide fortune is in the hand of two per cent of the population of the world yet half of the world population owns less than 1 percent of the entire world fortune. Additionally over a trillion of dollars worth of currency are traded daily. Circadian Capital is a site specific sound installation demonstrating the fluctuation of trading market influences on selected currencies.

The differences within the composition are achieved by pinning 12 western (e.g. US Dollar, Euro) currencies against 12 rogue axis of evil currencies (e.g.: Iranian Rial, Venezuelan Bolivar). The installation reviews current data and evaluates it against its counterpart, thereby influencing the audio in real time.

The installation reflects upon the vast amount of currencies traded and hopefully illuminates the intricacies and interdependencies of these currencies.

The carefully chosen currencies play a vital role in today’s political climate. Circadian Capital will investigate, how dependent the currencies are on each other and how easily influenced all of them are by common political actions. (e.g.: Wars, trades, political decisions)

Circadian Capital was premiered in Linz, Austria in 2007 and shown again in Chicago, IL in 2009.

Circadian Capital Documentary Video

Circadian Capital photos of coins and interaction