Course Description

The use of Computer Integrated Design to produce textile prints, wovens and knits for design and merchandising presentations.

Course Objectives

Through successful completion of classroom and independent lab activities it is expected that you will become proficient using Computer Integrated Design Software, such as Lectra’s Kaledo Print, Weave and Knit. Through use of this software tool you will also:

• vocabulary associated with digital imaging and software packages
• be familiar with the development and use of CAD in fashion and related industries
• be able to create color palettes and match to printer
• be able to create repeated textile designs
• be able to apply color or prints to flats, fashion drawings, or photos
• be able to transfer knowledge of technologies to specific applications and other software
• develop and present a professional portfolio of course requirements and original work

Previous Iteration of this Course

CAD for Fashion Applications [syllabus]

Project Examples

Project 1 – Digitally Printed Scarf

Project Examples

Project 2 – Kaledo Print, Weave, and Knit :: Computer Aided Design Portfolios