Kent State University

Creation of: Introduction to Fashion Technology
[freshman fashion technology bootstrapping course]

Implementing Processing into the Introduction to Fashion Technology Course

Creation of: Computer Integrated Textile Design for Fashion Applications
[redesigned CAD course]

Creation of: Fashion Technology: TechStyleLAB (3) (FDM 40050)

Revision/Update to: Special Topics: Illustrator & Photoshop for Fashion

Revision/Update to: CAD for Fashion Applications
[new curriculum in academic year 2011-2012]

Creation of: Special Topics: Fashion Technology
[new curriculum co-developed with Hanna Hall, Trista Grieder and William Perrine]

Responsible for: Internship: Fashion Design Majors
[academic year 2011-2012 | corporate visits from Kohl’s (2) and BCBGMAXAZRIA].

Graduate courses created for MFash Curriculum

TechStyleLAB: Digital Design and New Media in Fashion Culture
(3) (FDM 60050)
Exploration of the intersection of New Media and Fashion. Includes research into analog design methods and digital systems of production and supply chain management. Topics include various research and design topics such as, mass-customization, co-creation, material ecology, digital craft and future craft practices.

TechStyleLAB: Wearables, Soft Computing, and Interactivity
(3) (FDM 80050)
Applied course dedicated to creating interactivity, whether in garments, objects, installations or environments. Concepts explored are interface design, electronics, programming and material explorations for interactivity

The School of The Art Institute of Chicago

Wearables + Soft Computing (Developed course and syllabi)
Lab: Technology and Fashion (Developed course and syllabi)
E-Textiles: Interactive Projects for the Jacquard Loom (Developed course and syllabi | team taught with Christy Matson)
Immersive Environments (Developed new syllabi for existing course)
Web Art (Developed new syllabi for existing course)