My syllabus is my contract with my students and I provide a very thorough syllabus which clearly state the the course objectives, a timeline describing classwork and project requirements with due dates, resources, and policies for the course. I also provide rubrics for each assignment that indicate what is required and how many points are ascribed to each respective item. Just as I am clear with my expectations, I take my student evaluations seriously in order to help gauge my course structure and teaching methodologies. I use them as a point of assessment and self-reflection. Throughout my time teaching at The Fashion School at Kent State University, my student evaluations have ranged from good to excellent for all my courses. My evaluations mean values are usually above the department’s mean values. Below I have provided examples of student evaluation feedback taken from the SSI’s this past academic year, Fall 2014 – Spring 2015.

Course feedback

“I loved taking this class! I learned so much. And I’ve actually applied those skills to my everyday life. I’ve definitely learned the most in fashion tech compared to my other classes.”

“I loved taking this class! It was a blast! I mean don’t get me wrong it was challenging, but I enjoyed myself while in this class.”

“The syllabus clearly laid out what was expected from me as a student and every week the course info clearly explained what the homework was and how we were expected to do it. I found learning how to use adobe software to be very useful.”

“Absolutely loved this class, the projects, and skills I learned.”

Professor feedback

“She is one of my favorite professors at Kent so far! She’s so nice and understanding. Definitely someone I will keep in touch with. Overall amazing instructor!”

“I thought that Margarita knew plenty of information of the subject and was glad to have her as a professor.”

“Always willing to help me and answered numerous questions when I had them!”

“Always received feedback!”

“Always left comments on my work which was helpful and allowed me to fix some assignments for a better grade.”

“I thought Margarita did a very nice job in teaching both illustrator and photoshop. I love using them now!”