Course Description

Students do a focused study in their area of expertise or interest using CAD design software. Students will learn the same software that is used in accessory production but in this class it will be more in depth than in Image Design with Digital Technology I. Students are asked to build up industry level speed while developing their own textile and surface designs in repeat on the computer. Students will produce Portfolio quality work in their Focus Area.


Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:

  • Collect sources to be used as design inspiration
  • Utilize appropriate terms and technology when creating accessory designs
  • Utilize the internet for design research
  • Develop skills in Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign
  • Present work in a professional manner
  • Perform techniques such as image and color manipulation, as well as surface design
  • Create technical sketches that are readable and set to professional standards
  • Develop designer habits, such as that of keeping a concept/sketch book




Pantone Book – pantone color chips and color trends
Promostyl – twice a year ( Winter and Summer)
Donegar – twice a year
Tobe reports – weekly
CAUS – Color forecast for Fashion
WWD – daily (trends)
Collezioni – trends
trends, news

trade shows, fashion news, trend report

textile trend report, cotton information and promo

color forecasting reports and color information

links to other fashion sites & magazines

trends, news, runway shows

trend reports, fashion services, business links, suppliers

catwalk shows, trends

trends, research for sale

linked with Vogue & W, fashion shows, trend reports

daily email on new fashion trends by city/nation

menswear fashion news

trends, runway news, some free subscriptions

fashion news, general retail, news, subscription

fashion trends, shopping

trend information, costume, fashion and social history

latest fiber information

textile information, care guides

Photoshop Tutorials 1
Photoshop Tutorials 2
Making a Rainbow
Layers 1
Layers 2
Ads & Posters
Text Effects 1
Text Effects 2
Photo Effects / Retouching
Video Tutorials