Course Description

This course introduces students to the fundamental concepts, procedures and techniques used for manipulating images and documents in digital imaging software and data management software.

Course Objectives

Through successful completion of classroom and independent lab activities it is expected that you will become proficient in data management software techniques, presenting information and composing digital images and graphics. The following is a sample of the tools, techniques, and concepts that will be covered.

  creating business budgets
  presenting information and data
  vocabulary associated with digital imaging and software packages
  raster v. vector graphics
  image resolutions, file types, importing + exporting
  input and output devices
  workspaces, navigation and palettes
  transformation tools :: moving, scaling, rotation
  layers :: stacking, opacity, adjustment
  fonts, type tools + typography basics
  filters + effects
  custom brushes and patterns
  workflow techniques + navigating between software packages
  working with shapes
  gradients + swatches

Previous Iterations of this Course

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Project Examples

Project 1 – Flats

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Project 2 – Croquis

Project Examples

Project 3 – Color/Fabrications Board + Mood Board

Project Examples

Project 4 – Digitally Printed Scarf


Project Examples

Project 5 – Final Project